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Our bad, guess Castro didn’t get the memo. Well here you go:

Señor Fidel Castro,

We take this opportunity to catch you up on the last couple decades of history. The Cold War ended in 1991. This end began with the fall of the Wall in Berlin in 1990 and culminated with the dissolution of the Soviet Union into its component republics in 1991. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc governments the threat of nuclear war has diminished dramatically. Not  to mention that it was the Soviet Union not the United States that had a first strike policy. And to think that we need to result to such dramatic action to handle the insane antics of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is just as insane as his antics are.


The Normal and Sane Citizens of the United States

Now, seriously we know that Ahmadinejad is crazy, but hell he is just too entertaining. He is like the really bad train wreck that you know you should not look at but you just can’t tear your eyes away. You never know what outlandish statement he is going to make next. From the denial of the Holocaust to charging that we padded the number of dead from 9/11.  Not to mention that while, yes, Ahmadinejad is dangerous to peace and the stability of the Middle East, he has his own hands full at home. Even his own people are not happy with him in power, unfortunately he is able in most instances to oppress those that speak out against him or the government.

Back to the appearance of Castro in public and speaking in front of Parliament, that was not something that held a candle to his legendary standard. This speech lasted a very short 10 minutes, instead of the hours that he is famous for, a very telling fact. And I would wonder at his mental acuity, since he seemed to have his memories all mixed together combining the Cold War and Nixon and the present. As much of a living legend as Castro is in Cuba, it might be time for him to completely give up public appearances, otherwise he might end up detracting from Raul’s rule and Cuba’s image. He is certainly past his time.


So a day or so ago Brazil’s president offered asylum to Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani. President Luiz Ignacio Lula da Silva appealed to his “friend Ahmadinejad” to allow Brazil to take in the imprisoned woman. Most people are probably not aware of the story of Sakineh.
Mrs. Ashitani is a widow and was arrested 5 years ago and convicted and punished for “illicit relationship” with 2 men. All parties were flogged for this crime. Later her case was “reviewed” and she and one of the men were charged with the murder of her husband and adultery. While Mrs. Ashitani was not found guilty of the murder of her husband she was found guilty of adultery and sentenced to death by stoning. Now if just the mere statement death by stoning doesn’t seem like over kill for adultery then wait till you hear how stoning is to be carried out as a sentence.
According to the Iranian penal code all guilty persons are bound in ‘robes’ which inhibit their movement. Then males are to be buried up to their waists and females up to their necks. According to the penal code the size of the ‘stones’ to be used are not to be so large that death may occur after only 2 stones, however they are not to be so small as to be considered ‘pebbles’.
Now if the concept is not uncivilized enough as a general concept then the unfair and discriminatory way it is carried out makes it barbaric. First off in general men are more physically developed, especially in the upper body, than women, yet it is the women that are buried up to their necks not the men. Secondly, if by some miracle the victim escapes from their hole they are still killed. And before you even get to this stage the method for convicting persons of adultery do not really require much and again women are discriminated against. For the testimony of one ‘just’ man it would take the testimony of two women to equal it and more than likely there isnt any number of female testimony that would outweigh the testimony of one ‘just’ male. Secondly it only takes the testimony of 4 ‘just’ men to support the charge of adultery for conviction.
In all strict Islamic states, you will find that women are severely discriminated against and oppressed. They suffer great injustices and are the victims of hidieous crimes on a very common occurrence. Their lives are totally and completely controlled by the male members of their family. In stark contrast most justice system of these Islam countries exploit instead of protect the weak, innocent, and less fortunate of their societies. For, example while the females of the family have no control and no say in their lives they are the sole responsible party for any charge brought against them. In some Islamic countries girls and women can be killed by male family members simply for bringing ‘shame’ to their families. And this ‘shame’ does not have to be proved or real just the belief of the male members/head of the family.
I think that it should be the male family members that control these females’ lives that should suffer the punishment for any ‘shame’ brought to their families. These males are after all all-powerful and all-knowing and all-controlling; therefore if a female of their house causes some ‘shame’ it can only occur because the ‘all-powerful male’ wasn’t capable of preventing it. So stone him, murder him, flog him, beat him and you will see a swift change in what is required to ‘prove’ and ‘convict’ women and girls of crimes that are mostly out of their control and of which they are usually a victim.
Most non-Muslims think that all this violence and discrimination and hate is found in the Qur’an, that is not the case. If you were to compare the Torah, Bible and Qur’an for their condoning of violence you will find that the Qur’an is the most peaceful of the Religious mantels. Then what makes Islam such a harsh and violent society? It is the fatāwā of Mufti of power and influence that promote the ideas and concepts and actions that non-Muslims so often associate with the Qur’an and Islam and find so negative.
Like every other religion, when mean or cruel or just plain evil persons gain power the whole religion suffers. Yet, as society and within world religions there is very little house cleaning aimed at these persons that defame and destroy religions from the inside out through their personal desercration of those religions that they profess to embrace. There has never been one source which can claim the incitement and conclusion of more violence in this world than that done in the name of God.

The NIE came out this week and the mainstream media jumped on an out of context line and went full-steam ahead with it.

All the headlines read that Iran abandon nuclear program in 2003. Just another attempt to say that the current administration lied about intelligent reports just to suit their policy. Here are a couple little know facts about the NIE. First the NIE was written by policy makers and not analysts. Second the report states that one program, that of trying to develop a nuclear warhead for their missiles, seems to have been abandon. These two points reflect the media’s refusal to tell the complete story.

If the Bush Administration were trying to lie about intelligent then why didn’t the policy makers that wrote report toe the line? Now the Bush bashers, if so inclined, could read the whole report, with an open mind, and come out and say that in it totality the NIE states that we need to keep a close eye on Iran and that other programs are just covers for a covert Iranian nuclear weapons program. Now you have ammo that the Bush Administration is trying to push policy. Because you are so convinced that Bush is so wrong about everything. And lies about everything. Please look past your anger and hatred for Bush and look at Iran’s history. Iran has a standing policy of being anti-American and anti-Israel and sees both as being the same entity. Iran wants to be a major player in the Middle East and the World, being a nuclear power would grant them that.

Does abandoning one program or goal, that of arming their missiles with nuclear warheads, mean that Iran has ceased its nuclear intentions or desires? Absolutely not. They are still enriching uranium that can be used for both peaceful and military purposes. And in today’s world and political climate it is easier and cheaper for them to purchase the technology and weapons than to try to adapt current armament and develop technology on their own.

Do not think that China or Russia would not sell them the technology and resources that they would need. And making Iran a nuclear power would actually benefit both countries. And then you have the other angles to contend with if we turn our attention away from Iran and her intentions. If Iran becomes a nuclear power while Chavez is in power, you can bet that we would have another nuclear power to contend with.

So while you may not like Bush or some of his policies, keep in mind that there are power players in the rest of the world that are using the political division here to their advantage and if we blindly look at everything as a Bush conspiracy then we are giving countries like Iran carte blanche.