‘They’ say history was made last night…….

Posted: 5 November 08 in National, News, Politics
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but what they don’t tell is just what history was made. The public, standard line is that history was made, because an African-American man was elected President of the United States and that shows how far we have come in race relations in this country. I say that if we had truly come that far in race relations then no one would be pointing out the color of Obama’s skin, however there were a sizable percentage of his supporters that supported him for that one reason. They did not support him because they agree with his policies, they did not support him because his ideology is akin to theirs, they supported him because he shared their skin color.

To elevate someone to the nations highest office based on his skin color is as much a disgrace to the individual as it is to the voters that shrieked their responsibility to vote for the best qualified candidate. That being said, had some of those voters actually done their homework and read his policies and checked his voting record and read his book and listened to the analysis — there are probably a fair number that still would have voted for him and they could say that they did so on the issues not on his skin color.

The history that was made last night was not that we elected the first African-American to be President of the United States of America, the history is that we elected the first true liberal with socialist ideology and a very left leaning voting record to the highest office in our nation.

If you have looked at Obama’s policies and listened to his speeches and looked at his voting record, there is NO doubt several conclusions can be made very clear;

1) Obama aligns himself with very radical individuals.

2) Obama quotes socialist thinkers and supports socialist leaning policies for the government.

3) Obama does not stick to his guns, he changes his message to suit his audience.

4) Obama does not believe that he owes anyone an explanation for anything that he does or says.

5) No one seems to be able to say with any certainty what Obama truly stands for.

Now I believe that everyone is entitle to their own opinion and I also believe that everyone should arrive at their own opinion through thought and insight and the personal gain of knowledge. I do not believe that you should mindlessly follow the masses or jump on the band wagon because it is rolling through town. I also do not believe for a minute that my opinion is the only right opinion, however if you want me to respect you and your opinion then be able to support it with facts not just talk. Words don’t really make change it is deeds that truly make change.

I have given my opinions of Obama and I will, for those of you who think the man is beyond reproach, give my reasons for the opinions that I have formed.

Obama spent time visiting different churches in the Chicago area and speaking at length with pastors, before settling on Trinity Church. The Rev. Jeremiah Wright had a reputation of being at least a little militant in the pulpit. Obama attended Trinity Church for about 20 years and claims that he never heard Rev. Wright say anything anti-American in any sermon. And I will for the sake of argument allow that denial to stand. That being accepted then, there are one of two realities that took place over those 20 years; the first that Obama did hear the rhetoric that Rev. Wright was preaching and was not bothered at all by it (remember his wife Michelle was never proud to be an American until her husband was nominated for the Democratic ticket, her own words) or the second, which is that Obama did not listen to or observe what was going on around him when he was attending Trinity Church, which to me is almost the more scary of the two realities. As President of the United States, you have to ALWAYS listen to everything that is said in every meeting that you conduct and you also have to be very aware of what friend and foe alike have said to others as well as what they are not saying to you or the world.  Neither truth reassures me that Obama is the best man for the job that he now has.

He has had other radical connections, such as his associations with Bill Ayers, now this association may not be much, but it shows the possibility that there is NO ONE that Obama would not concede to. And that can be perceived by others in the world as the sign of a weak man and therefore a weak nation.

Obama wants to ‘spread the wealth’, this is a concept of Carl Marx, the father of communism. There are a lot of very nice and idealistic concepts in the annals of socialism and communism, but none of these on paper ideals take into account one inescapable fact — human nature. Humans by nature are greedy and selfish and if given the opportunity lazy. Giving hand outs will not encourage the less fortunate to move out of poverty; give a man a fish you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish you feed him for life. You cannot just hand out money to people that are not fiscally responsible and expect them to become financially savvy individuals by the end of the week. There is also the human nature of Pavlov’s dogs, which is true for humans as well, if you condition people that if they just sit around and wait that you will come in and solve their problems for them by giving them handouts you are merely training them to sit around and wait on you to come around and solve their problems for them. You are doing them an injustice not a service.

Obama has many ‘ideas or thoughts’ that contradict each other. When he is talking to the poor and lower middle class, he talks about tax breaks and tax cuts and ‘spreading the wealth’. However, when he talks to the upper-middle class and the environmentalists, he is going to bankrupt the coal industry and electricity bills are going to sky-rocket over environmental fines. When he talks to the extreme liberals, he is going to go out and apologize to the world for America being American and he is going to reason with our enemies and through talk we are all going to be one big peaceful happy family. When he is talking to moderates and conservatives, he is not going to let Iran have nuclear weapons, and bin Laden will be brought to justice and he will never remove the military option from the table in dealing with our enemies. (He took 3 days to even say anything about Russia’s invasion of Georgia, within that 3 days Russian deployed thousands of troops and was fully entrenched deep into Georgian lands and has yet to remove those troops.)

Some of the polices that Obama has either voted for or states that he supports have some troubling implications if enacted. Obama supports doing away with secret ballot voting for union organizing, which we know will lead to intimidation and retaliation. Obama is for protective tariffs increasing the cost of imports to this country, which result in tariffs being placed on our exports and thus will hurt American business and in turn decrease American jobs. (but take heart, the jobs wont be lost to overseas, they will just be lost all together) Obama supports the Fairness Doctrine, which is very akin to censorship. On the surface, it may not seem like that, but again when you look at how the Doctrine would be implicated it most definitely is censorship. Now I am against censorship on any level except the most extreme and because of that I will leave the Fairness Doctrine alone here and finish it in my next post.

Obama does not seem to think that he truly has to show that he has done the things that he says that he has, he does not seem to care about illegal financial contributions, he doesn’t seem to think that he has to disclose his medical records or even his financial records. Most people do not know how ruthless the man can be or even how he won is first race for public office, which he did by having ALL of his opponents disqualified, therefore allowing him to run unopposed.

There is just too much about Obama that I think the voting public did not weigh when they went to the polls and voted. And in the coming weeks and months, I hope that America really makes Obama be true to his word for change and not being a true politician and it should start by Obama coming clean about all the uncertainty and baggage that he is carrying. The American people should demand that Obama be as historic as they are hoping that he will. I just hope that it will be a history that we can survive and recover from.


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