Posted: 23 January 08 in National, Politics
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Well as you have noticed I really haven’t posted anything in a little while. I have kinda had writter’s block. I say kinda because there have been issues that I have seen in the news that I have had some comment or thought about and think that they are worthy of discussion, however, I just haven’t had the passion to actually jump into the issues and sink my teeth into them. Maybe it is the mediocre presidential race that is dulling the rest of the news world with its lack luster canidates and shallow dialouge, if you can even call it that.
Earlier this month Gov. Richardson dropped out, probably the overall best canidate that we had running and I’m not sure that anyone noticed. Then this week Fred Thompson dropped out, again not a big surprise and not a big loss. Can anyone, who isn’t a political journalist, even name all the canidates? There are no strong front runners, there is no big personality. You can claim Hillary or Obama, but they are spilting the primaries and neither has what it takes to be the president that I want running our nation; on the republican side you have a three way split between McCain, Romney and Huckabee and again none are who I want running our country.

Hillary is perfect politics.

Obama is perfect rhetoric.

McCain is perfect past.

Romeny is perfect bore.

Huckabee is perfect scare.

WOW, are you excited yet?
I’m not.
I keep trying but I just cannot get behind any canidate with any energy. I keep hoping that suddenly some miracle will happen and we will have sparks flying and energy flowing and there will be something to get excited about, but I must confess that I am not holding my breath for it.

I want a canidate with some depth, that is really willing to get their hands dirty by making a true effort to solve some of the problems that plague our nation without  stripping  away the things that make this nation great. This will not be an easy burden and the hardest part will be trying to get Congress to stop playing politics and do their duty to serve the people of this great nation, instead of serving themselves.
I think that Congress should not get another pay raise until they stop playing politics and start solving real issues. I do not think that it would be too demanding to ask that 10% of real issues in the country get resolved before Congress gets another pay raise. And special interest groups should be ban from gifting anything to any member of Congress, no dinners, no vacations (I’m sorry, they are fact finding trips), no scholoarships for kids, no jobs for spouses, no anything that will not hold up transparently for public review. Full disclosure should be made and members should have a three strikes you are out rule. If you fail to disclose gifts recieved 3 times then you are removed from office and not allowed to run again.
We have real social and econmic issues to remedy as well as foriegn policy and actions that need to be implemented. We need to demand that trivial items be left on the shelf to be dealt with when all other issues are solved. When the crime rate is minimal, the jobless rate is negligible, inflation is low, education is truly available to all, and basic needs are accessible to all then by all means feel free to regulate baseball or any sport for that matter or any other petty issue that is not truly impacting the security of the nation or population.
Once again though I find myself saying that it is OUR fault that we have the problems that we have with mediorce canidates running for our naiton’s highest office and a congress that can’t seem to even agree to disagree. As a public we are negligent in our responsibility of a government by the people, for the people, of the people. We have broken the system and until we get our own hands dirty and make the effort to fix the issues then we get the disaster that we have created by our own passiveness.
This past week Cuba held their parliamentary elections. They have ONE party and all canidates ran unopposed. In our eyes that means that they have NO choice. They had a 95% voter turn out. In Cuba where their vote doesn’t matter, doesn’t change the outcome, everyone votes. Here where your vote DOES matter, your DO have a choice and your vote DOES make a difference we had less than a 60% turn out in 2004 according to the Cenus Bureau. And then some of us spent 4 years complaining about the job being done in Washington. We have nothing to complain about, except our own complacency.


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