$3 quadrillion lawsuit…….

Posted: 11 January 08 in National, News
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Some people have NO sense of personal responsibility and NO sense of personal culpability and absolutely NO common sense!!!!

The Army Corps of Engineers has received roughly 489,000 claims from victims of Hurricane Katrina. Of those, a couple hundred are for $1 billion and the top out is for $3 quadrillion. Now while I sympathize with the victims of Katrina and the loss and devastation that they endured the WHOLE area did not sustain a loss of $3 quadrillion.

It is a good thing, actually maybe it isn’t, that I am not the one who will hear this claim. The first thing that I would demand of the plaintiff is for them to show to me that they even comprehend that number, that they can express that number with efficiently and in multiple forms to even validate that they are competent to receive anything. The second thing that I would require is documentation of all real losses sustained by the plaintiff. And they would not receive more than 3 times that amount. Then after the claim is settled I would disbar the lawyers who instigated this whole scam!!

The person whole filed the claim has no morals, no sense of right and wrong, no consciences and probably very little in the way of real loss. These stupid actions are why our court systems move at a snails pace. I believe in valid lawsuits, however, we as a society have become so greedy that we want someone to pay us for any and all negatives in our lives.

These claims are for the levees failure, yet very little uproar was made for the 50 years before Katrina that the levees were poorly designed. And I do not remember hearing about the residents of New Orleans stepping up to pay for the improvement of the levees. When you live near the coast you have to take into account the cons along with the pros. By choosing to live in New Orleans you accepted certain possibilities. When your house is below sea level you increase the possibilities of subcuming to certain natural disasters. There were precautions that could have been undertaken by the citizens of New Orleans and a much better job could have been done by local emergency management officials. And asking the US government to compensate you for your lack of common sense is STUPID!!!!!

There is a lot of blame to go around with the disaster and the aftermath but the blame starts at ground zero not on Capital Hill. I live in a hurricane prone area and have for a lot of my life, I accept the fact that if a storm surge of 10 feet or more hits my area more than likely I will be flooded out. I also understand that my residence was built before Andrew and is not upgraded to the new hurricane codes. I lived in Pensacola for Ivan as well as Katrina. Many homes in Pensacola were destroyed and even more were damaged. But no one in Pensacola filed such a claim. Ivan sent a 17 foot storm surge inland when it hit, so now all structures have to be 17 feet above sea level, that means that a lot of rebuilt homes are going up on stilts. Maybe New Orleans should have thought about that prior to the hurricane, Katrina was not the epiphany of where New Orleans was situated. At no point before Katrina did the government attempt to lead the people of New Orleans to believe that they were above sea level. At no point before Katrina did the government attempt to give the citizens of New Orleans a false sense of security. Hurricanes have been a part of the Gulf Coast for as long as the Gulf has existed.

If you are not responsible enough to take precautions to limit your losses in a natural disaster why should the government compensate you for being lazy!!! And what makes you think that you and your loss is worth more than 22 times the GNP of the US for 2007!!

The Army Corps of Engineers will only give the zip codes of the locations of the claimants, this one listing a Baker, LA zip code. I think if this claimant thinks that their claim is honest and valid they should come forward and make themselves public and accept the scrutiny of the citizens of this country, who ultimately will be paying the tab for whatever amount is agreed upon.

  1. Dave says:

    wow this i couldant have said it better my-self what an erogant jerk off this guy probibly lived in a wooden shit shack and is suing for 3 quadrillian dollars thats count em fifteen zeros it just goes to sho ya how ignorant we have become as a socioty

  2. 1faceinthecrowd says:

    unfortunately we seem to only value things that have a dollar sign attached to them and a lot of members of society are looking for an easy ride at someone else’s expense
    most citizens of this country seem to think that the world ends instead begins at the end of their nose

  3. Damon says:

    Just for the record, these idiots are actually asking for over TWO HUNDRED times the entire GDP of the United States last year. It’s a ridiculous sum, and I can’t even understand why they would file with such a number. I can’t fathom what they expect will happen, other than it being thrown out.

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