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Posted: 9 January 08 in National, Politics
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What is the Office of the President of the United States of America?

I propose that this question be asked of all candidates seeking the office. And if they cannot answer it and do so in one sentence then they should not be able to run for the office. And I think that it would add some humor into this lack-luster campaign season. However, if candidates ran for the office based on carrying out the true job of the office then all Presidential elections would be incredibly boring. That in itself would make the politics more interesting, but that is another blog for another day.

I have always wanted a candidate to step forward and say that their platform for office is to work with congress to see that the laws passed are fair, constitutional, based on the analysis of the Supreme Court, in the best interest of the citizens of this great nation and to execute said laws justly and efficiently. Any candidate that ran on that platform would have my vote.

Again we have the type of politics that we have with all the mud-slinging and empty promise making because candidates run on platforms that are not within the bounds of the Office of the President as laid out in the constitution. It is really simple — we have 3 branches of government that are equal but separate. We have the legislative branch or congress, which has the task of making the laws of the land, second we have the judicial branch or supreme court, which ensures that the laws passed are fair and constitutional, and lastly we have the executive branch or the president, whose job it is to run the government under the dictates of the other two branches. That is the basic layout of how things are suppose to work. Are there more details to it; yes, but this is the foundation of our government.

It is not up to the President to promise not to raise taxes, that is up to congress. It is not up to the president to make laws, that too is up to congress. It is not the president who decides if a law is constitutional, that is the supreme court’s job. Can the president suggest laws that congress take under consideration, yes. Can the president ask the supreme court if a law is constitutional, yes. Does the president provide information to assist congress and or the supreme court in their decision making, yes.

If we are serious about taking the corruption out of politics then we as citizens need to demand that our public officials do the job that our constitution lays out for them. We as the voting public need to know what their jobs are and we need to stop the candidates when they start down the campaign promise roads that do not follow the paths of the office that they seek. As long as we are ignorant to the actual jobs that public officials are to do then we cannot complain that our elected leaders are dishonest, corrupt, misleading, power hungry individuals with their own agendas. Because they are and we allowed it by listening to them and supporting them and not keeping them in line from the start.

  1. allison says:

    what is a sentence for executive branch?

  2. 1faceinthecrowd says:

    To execute the laws of the United States of America and carry out the efficient day to day running of the federal government.

    That is a watered down, simplified version of the the job of the executive branch of the government.
    The President DOES NOT make law that is the job of the Congress.
    The President DOES NOT decide the tax code that is the job of the Congress.
    We wonder why we are always disappointed when the President doesn’t keep his word about taxes or passing certain laws, because he does not have to power to do such things, can he attempt to work with congress to achieve certain things yes but making laws and raising or cutting taxes are not his decision alone to make.

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